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Canary Wharf London

The Dunhill & Co. Philosophy

Dunhill & Co. prides itself on being a financial concierge for our clients. We listen intently to each and every client and we tailor thoughtful solutions to meet your investment goals.


At Dunhill & Co., we believe that investment diversification is the cornerstone of every client portfolio. If you're ready to take charge of your financial future, contact us today and let us exceed your expectations.

How We Help Our Clients

Our firm not only advises on assets in the financial market but real estate matters as well (no transactions are transacted through Dunhill & Co., LLC). At most firms, clients are routinely referred to an outside professional for many reasons. That's why we have all our knowledge under one roof.

Why Work With Us


Your best interests are kept at the foremost of our thinking, when we act as your investment advisor, we abide by the fiduciary standard. Much different from many other firms which only sell their own products. When we act as your investment advisor, we are a fee-only firm, meaning we do not charge commissions when we recommend any product or service; however, our Principal is registered with Emerson Equity LLC and as such can offer the sale of alternative investments. These products are sold as brokered products and they do get assessed commissions; however, while we are not true fiduciaries as brokers, we still hold ourselves to the standards requiring us to meet your best interests when recommending these products. (No brokered products are offered through Dunhill & Co., LLC)


With over 20 years combined experience in the financial markets, you can trust our principals to provide you with thoughtful solutions tailored to your financial needs. We help you make educated decisions so that you and your family can strive to live the life you’ve worked so hard for and deserve.


Your portfolio is constantly analyzed and monitored by the latest financial technology to help keep your investments protected and to seek to maximize growth.


We do not earn commission on your portfolio. We charge a fixed negotiated fee based rate for our advisory services. You can expect some of the best value when compared to other financial services companies. As mentioned above, this does not include your alternative investments, which are brokered products, though the fees associated with these products are discussed with you prior to your purchase.

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